Helpful tips from Royal Subaru to get your Subaru ready for Independence Day weekend travel! (Part 4)

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The last installment of our helpful tips for your Independence Day weekend travels is only going to pertain to drivers of new Subaru models equipped with Subaru EyeSight driver-assistive technologies, but we feel it's important to touch on this topic as this advanced suite features functions best when paired with an informed, defensive driver.

Subaru EyeSight has a number of functions very much like an extra set of eyes on the road, helping to monitor traffic and obstacles on the road and alert drivers to help them prevent accidents. Two available features that will be especially helpful to drivers this weekend are the Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Departure and Sway Warning. Adaptive Cruise Control functions very much like previous iterations of the cruise control system, only more intuitively. When the EyeSight system detects traffic slowing, it can automatically slow your cruise to match the flow of traffic, and pick right back up to your set speed when traffic speeds up again. Lane Departure Warning will alert drivers with a auditory warning when it detects the vehicle drifting out of lane, which is especially important for those driving long distances this weekend who may be subject to road fatigue.

By following the steps in the video above, drivers can customize their alert notifications to their standards, ensuring that the warning notes produced by the system are serve their functions without being obtrusively loud or too soft to hear.

This concludes our helpful tips for Independence Day weekend travel series, and we hope that we've helped to inform you on crucial issues of auto care and options to help you make the most out of your travels. If you want to reread any of our previous entries to the series, feel free to visit the links at the top of this blog post, or if you're looking for some hands on advice and expertise, stop in to our dealership in Bloomington, IN to speak with our knowledgeable staff and friendly Subaru technicians in our service center. We here at Royal Subaru want wish all the drivers in Bloomington, Columbus, Greenwood, Martinsville, and the greater Indianapolis area a happy Independence Day!

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