Maximizing Performance: 3 Reasons To Change Your Air Filter Today

Subaru Tech Installing a New Air Filter

What Fresh Air Filters from Royal Subaru Can Do for You

Many people don’t know much about the air filters in their vehicles, which can cause an issue, because there are two of them. Both allow clean air to flow through them while keeping contaminates out. One of them actively filters the air that you breathe in the cabin, and the other make sure your engine doesn’t get contaminated with whatever is blowing around in the air. It is important for them to be clean so that your vehicle will continue to perform its best, and allowing you to breathe easily.

Why Should You Get Your Air Filters Changed Regularly?

  1. Better Fuel Efficiency: Who doesn't like to get more bang for their buck when it comes to gas mileage? Our guess is no one! Changing out an old air filter can help you get more miles for your hard-earned dollar.
  2. Prevents Various Service Related Issues: From spark plugs and fuel, to service warning lights, dirty air filters can cause a host of problems if left to clog.
  3. Keeps Your Engine Alive: An engine to a car, is a heart to a man/woman. An air filter to an engine, are lungs to the heart. You get the idea. Both systems function quite similarly and in both situations, it's ideal to make sure that no dirt, debris or grime is taken in.

We only use genuine Subaru parts, making sure you have an exact fit that will provide the best for you and your vehicle. Other air filters might not fit perfectly, leaving gaps that contaminates can get through, but we get our parts directly from Subaru so that we can keep your vehicle in the same condition it rolled out of the factory in.

Our dealership in Bloomington, IN is here for you when you need anything. Our multi-point inspection includes checking your air filters, replacing them if necessary. Our goal is for your vehicle to maintain the highest quality possible, and our team is here to make sure that goes smoothly. We are ready to answer all the questions that you have, helping your vehicle stay on the road for years to come.

We gladly serve many areas around Indiana, including Indianapolis, Columbus, Greenwood, and Martinsville, which is why we are confident that we can help your vehicle with anything that it might need.


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