Is Buying or Leasing a New Subaru Vehicle the Best Option For You?

At Royal Subaru, we want to help you make the most fitting decision about which vehicle is right for you. Beyond finding the right Subaru model to fit your needs, it's important that you're choosing the payment option that's going to fit your budget and lifestyle best as well. Both buying and leasing a new Subaru vehicle offer terrific benefits, but it's important that you choose the option that best fits your financial portfolio. To make it easier for you to decide, we're going to highlight some of the benefits that both buying and leasing a new Subaru model present so you can see the advantages side by side and be able to make the most informed decision about which option is right for you!

Benefits of Leasing a New Subaru Vehicle

Leasing a new Subaru vehicle allows you to drive a brand new Subaru vehicle for a couple of years and presents you with the opportunity to then switch your lease to another new Subaru vehicle once your lease period is up. Since you're only driving the vehicle for a few years, you're only paying for the time that you drive the vehicle, providing you with a lower monthly payment and a smaller down payment if there's any at all. During the lease period, your Subaru vehicle will likely still be under warranty, meaning that most repairs and maintenance issues will be covered.

Benefits of Buying a New Subaru Vehicle

You're paying off a car loan to own your favorite new Subaru vehicle, allowing you to drive it for as long as you want. When you own your vehicle, you can choose to modify it to look and perform the way you want it to. Leasing a vehicle tends to come with mileage limits, so if you tend to drive many miles over the year, buying a new vehicle might be your best option. When you're ready for a new car, you can choose to sell your vehicle, either privately or at the dealership.

If you want to learn more about buying or leasing a new Subaru vehicle, we welcome you to come join us at Royal Subaru to view our entire selection of new Subaru models and talk to our team of experts about which option is going to be the best fit for you!

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