Have Questions About Winter Maintenance? We Have Answers!


Winter maintenance can be a bit tricky. The roads are terrible, the temperature is frigid, and there's ice in places where it has no business being. How do you prepare your car to take on all the challenges that winter in the Columbus area presents? As it turns out, the answer may be simpler than you imagined. With the right winter maintenance, you can prepare your car for the challenges in no time.

Learn how you can get the winter service you need and have your questions answered.


You may have questions about your car's tires, fluids, and other components, and while a lot of important winter maintenance can be done with determination and a can-do attitude, the truth is that you will likely not be able to give your car all the maintenance it needs if you are not already experienced and have the right equipment.

For the most part, Greenwood drivers are going to want to bring in their car and let a professional take care of it. When it comes to finding a reliable service center in Bloomington, Royal Subaru could be the perfect match for you. Our skilled team of technicians knows how to give your vehicle the winter maintenance it needs while also ensuring short wait-times and a high degree of precision.

Some of the items you will find on our multi-point inspection and winter maintenance checklist includes:

  • Heating and Defrosting Components Check
  • Brake Check and Replacement
  • Battery Charge Test
  • Fluid Top-Off
  • Tire Tread Depth and Rotations
  • Fuel Injector Cleaning

These are just some of the items we check and perform maintenance on to ensure that you can safely and confidently drive in the Martinsville area this winter. Are you from the Indianapolis area and have some winter maintenance questions? Head over to our winter maintenance FAQ or call our service center to have your questions answered.

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