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At Royal Subaru we not only have plenty of quality new 2015 Subaru and other used cars, but we also have a top notch Subaru auto repair and service center ready to help you maintain your new car. Drivers prefer our auto service and car repair center in Bloomington, and our customers travel from the Indianapolis, Columbus, Greenwood and Martinsville area to our repair shop because we staff the best auto mechanics around. Our certified Subaru technicians know everything there is to know about Subaru cars and are able to accurately and quickly diagnose any problems, and repair them in a timely manner.

Our auto service center provides services like oil changes, tire replacement, tune-ups, windshield replacement, exhaust repair, muffler repair, a FREE CAR WASH, and much, much more. Check out our service menu and the service specials we're offering. If you find that no specials are listed, feel free to contact us directly at 888-418-8930 for updates on current service specials. For your convenience you can schedule your next Subaru service appointment online. If you have any questions regarding auto repair or Subaru service in Bloomington, contact us at 888-418-8930, or visit us in person at 3333 E 3rd St. We look forward to helping you maintain your new vehicle for many miles and years to come. 

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Royal Subaru is Your Premier Destination in the Bloomington, IN Area for Auto Service a Grade Above the Rest

Whether you're dedicated to the Subaru experience or the proud owner of another make and model, you know that staying on top of regular maintenance, factory service, and the occasional car repair is paramount. That's especially true for our southern Indiana neighborhood, where a lengthy rainy season can add to the toll taken on your new Subaru or used car, truck, or SUV by our local terrain, a rugged expanse between the Norman Uplands and the Mitchell Plain. That's where our professional Subaru service center here in Bloomington comes in. Rest assured, with our team and the latest tools and diagnostic and repair tech in industry at your back, you'll be in capable hands. Discover but a few of the host of services we offer daily right here on East 3rd Street!

  • Oil changes. As your engine runs on the regular, it accumulates contaminants. Motor oil helps remove them from the system. Flush and replace fluid regularly, and you can look forward not only to more efficient operation, but a longer-lasting engine.
  • Oil leak repairs. If you notice spots or a slick when pulling out of your parking spot, your oil system might have a crack or leak. That's no good for your oil supply over time. Not to worry. We'll help find find the source and patch it up.
  • Brake fixes. When you step on the brake, do you hear a crunch, squeaks, or whining? Are you a city driver, ever stuck in the frequent stop-and-go stuff? Repairing your brakes might be in order. We can change brake pads, perform disc, drum, and rotor maintenance, and more.
  • Tire repair and replacement. Treads wear down, balance problems occur over time, and everything from tire damage to flats happens. Whatever your needs, we'll get you back on the road. We can ensure you have the right tires for your brand and model, whether they're summer or winter, all-season or performance, specialty run-flat or low-rolling-resistance, or another type. What's more, we'll install, balance, and even rotate them, extending the lives of your wheels in the process.
  • Battery changes. Electrical power source can run down or just quit every four up to about every six years, usually without a lot of warning, and stranding can be a driver's worst nightmare. No problem, however -- we can swap out the old for the new.
  • Ignition repair. Car dead in your driveway? It could be the battery, but the network of ignition components might be just as guilty. Plus, there could be more at work than just changing a spark plug. Our people will be happy to diagnose and repair the problem.
  • Coolant system flushes. Your engine oil needs to be at the right temperature to help prevent engine overheats. Coolant, also called antifreeze, does this job, but every few years, the solution weakens. We can flush yours when it gets old and discolors and refill it post haste.
  • AC system recharges. Vehicle air conditioning systems might be entirely sealed, but leaking caused by driving vibration has been known to occur. If it does, a duct blowing hot air predictably results, no good for your comfort on those sultry Hoosier State summer days. Our certified technicians can make the fix to help cool you off again in a snap.
  • Fuel system maintenance. Behind on your engine filter replacement and injector cleaning? Running at over 50,000 miles on the odometer? You might need a new fuel pump, especially if you drive often on less than a quarter tank. You're in good hands, though -- we can make quick work of repairing or replacing each.
  • Electrical system repairs. The simple replacement of a blown fuse or a dead bulb is one thing. Other energy problems are another, and could be more serious. If your vehicle isn't taking charge, we can shed some light on what's going on and bring your car's electrical system current.
  • Exhaust system service. It's common to have to replace a catalytic converter, muffler, or another exhaust component. If you're running noisy and fuming, you might need to. For us, however, it's no trouble.
  • Timing belt changes. This keeps your engine's camshaft, crankshaft timing gears, and water pump working in sync. Failures can cause anything from a stall to mechanical damage. Do your start-ups sound strange? Does your Subaru have mileage near 60,000, or that between 60,000 and 105,000? Are you due, or even overdue, for maintenance? Remove your timing belt inspection cover and take a look. If the belt's missing teeth or broken, replacement's in order as soon as possible.
  • Head gasket replacement. This is often a job for the pros, and there's a boatload of related components to replace. If you're coming up on a Subaru factory maintenance deadline, you're around or in the mileage range between 100,000 and 150,000, or you've experienced severe repeated overheating, it's a better time than ever to have the gasket checked out and, if needed, replaced, alongside any other parts.
  • Suspension work and front-end alignments. If your Subaru isn't "riding" like it used to after a life of driving over asphalt or hauling over rugged terrain, either a suspension problem or your wheel alignment may be to blame. Let these go, and it can lead to damaged parts, premature tire weakening, steering woes, and even a loss of fuel efficiency. We can set things straight for you, though, no matter which it might be.
  • Transmission maintenance. Shifting gears, which transfers engine power to the driveshaft and wheels, is practically proper car operation 101. A failed transmission, it stands to reason, is a worst-case scenario for any driver. Luckily for you, if you're having power problems, we're well-equipped to handle them.

We even make scheduling a service visit easy, right here online. Have questions or a concern about Subaru service in Bloomington? Send us a note here on the Web, give us a call anytime, or stop by for a consultation with one of our auto repair technicians in-person. We'll have you and your ride back on the road in no time!


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