Getting Your Subaru Ready for Winter at Royal Subaru

Anyone who lives in a climate prone to harsh winters can relate to the sinking feeling you experience when attempting to start a car on a cold winter morning, only to find a dead battery. Nobody wants to wait outside in the cold for a tow truck, or risk pulling over on the highway during a bad snowstorm when something goes wrong. Preparing your car for the cold season ahead can cut down or even eliminate the issues that will leave you stranded unexpectedly.

Winter Tires and Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive

Your tires are the only contact between you and a slippery road, so having a tire designed to traverse snow and ice is essential. If your winter tires aren't new, check the tread to ensure they'll last through the season. If your climate around Bloomington is particularly snowy, you may want to opt for adding studs to your winter tires for even more traction. Your Subaru's Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive is particularly suited to driving in slippery conditions, working in tandem with your tires to provide constant grip on the road.

The type of Symmetrical AWD will vary among different Subaru models, but all possess a powertrain that includes Subaru's Boxer engine placed to produce a low center of gravity that keeps all wheels turning together for added stability and precise handling.



Keep Things Running Smoothly

Apply lubricant to your vehicle hinges, weather stripping, window tracks, and locks even if you use a keyless fob entry. Accumulation of ice or grit from the road can cause various moving parts to freeze up, costing you time or money to get them moving again when you need them. Keeping them well-lubricated at the start of the season can save you plenty of aggravation later. You'll also want to check and top up the fluid levels in your car, including coolant and window washer fluid.

Keep Your Sights Clear with Winter Wiper Blades

You can switch to winter wiper blades, designed with a more rugged rubber material that will remain pliant as temperatures in Bedford and Bloomfield drop and can also aggressively clear heavy snow or slush from your windshield. At the same time, check the air filter in the cabin and change that if it's dirty. A clean filter will optimize the dispersal of warm air into the cabin, allowing it to heat up more quickly.


Be Prepared for the Unexpected

Include a winter survival kit that stays in your car throughout the season. If you break down and need to wait for help to arrive, it can make all the difference in keeping you comfortable. Include a warm blanket, non-perishable snacks, bottled water and books, cards or other amusements. Add a set of jumper cables, an emergency medical kit, a battery-powered cell phone charger, and a flashlight. To remedy a flat tire, you can include a tire pump that plugs into the car's outlet, liquid flat fixer, and a toolkit. A shovel and a bag of cat litter for traction are also nice to have if your car becomes stuck in the snow.

Change Your Oil

Oil is the lifeblood of your engine. Change your oil for a lower viscosity during the winter months so it can easily lubricate your engine even during a cold start in subzero temperatures. Between your pre-winter readiness preparation and the emergency kit you carry with you throughout the season, you can avoid some of the problems caused by cold weather altogether and reduce the severity of many others.


Visit Royal Subaru to Learn More

If you'd like to learn more about important winter service and maintenance, we encourage you to come visit our dealership in nearby Bloomington. We are conveniently located near Martinsville, IN and Bloomfield. Our expertly trained service technicians can help you prepare your Subaru for winter so that you and your family can stay safe no matter where you're headed. We look forward to working with you soon!